Do you also have heavy weight problem?

Now in early December, now my weight is 63 kg. 20 kg is resolved, and that is, I've got keto custom diet to control weight. The weight is still "mild overweight," but I hope that I could reach a weight of 60kg and stay on it.

I was weighing 76.5 kg in the autumn at that time and woke up because I had gained more than 15 kg in a few years. I gained a lost weight of 10 kg, up to 66.5 kg. At the time, I dreamed that I could reach a weight of 60kg and stay on it.

After all, that fitness trainer did not come to me, but I set out to continue the journey. Shortly after that writing, my motivation disappeared, and the scale's language turned in the other direction. The reason was in me, of course, but the whole life situation changed significantly at the time. My father died that fall, and Tepo had his left lung cut off due to lung cancer.

I didn't write about Tepo's lung cancer in real-time at the time, but now you can repeat it on the timeline. After a lungs treatment in July 2015, the man was only allowed to enjoy "healthy papers" for half a year. In March 2016, what we had been most afraid of happened. Cancer spread to his brain. Taking care of one's own health was pushed into the background, and all the energy went into fear on behalf of the man.

Now, in late summer and fall 2020, Tepo's illness brought more and more hospital stays into our lives. I found myself sitting next to a hospital bed, obese. As my husband withered as cancer rottled his body, I swelled. In the midst of all that grief, self-loathing still surfaced. Would this be my life? Mourning eating, tightening clothes, reluctance to look in the mirror. I felt myself slipping towards another episode of depression.

My Weight Loss Transformation

my wieght loss transformation

The Solution

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One hundred days without alcohol did not lose weight for me

As for 2020's New Year's resolution, I was 100 days without alcohol. It didn't make me lose weight despite expectations. I've tried various diet plan eagerly in my life, but the results have been only a few kilos and ephemeral. I don't even consider any personal trainer or online coaching. Still, after a moment of thinking, I joined the Keto Diet group on Facebook and decided to control the weight with keto.

Ketos control weight

I know that carbohydrates cause large quantities of bad feelings for me. Still, they should be eaten and then suffer from palpitations and fatigue. When younger sons have always demanded a lot of food like, pasta dishes, and baked goods, I have those same dishes because of the easy of putting on my plate. Now that the boys are big and even make their own food, it's easier for me to stay out of carbs and keto.

I loved making food for Tepo, but since I no longer had a food partner for a long time, I also had no desire to make any three-course dinners with desserts. I still eat well and delicious ingredients, so keto food is not about any hunger cure. I don't measure, weigh, or label any food, but I wonder what I put in my mouth and listen to my body.

Keto diet control my weight -20 kg and hopefully even more.

From the beginning of autumn, my weight was 83 kg. It is a shame to write such a figure out, but now it is done. I am 168 cm tall, so it was a body mass index by a slight overweight. Being overweight was by no means mild, but it raised blood pressure, made it difficult to move, and affected mental endurance.

Now in early December, my weight is 63 kg. 20 kg is resolved, and that is, I've got custom diet to control my weight. The weight is still "mild overweight," but I hope that I could reach a weight of 60kg and stay on it.

Despite the grieving grief, I feel physically better all the time, and it helps the mental side a lot!

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